Episode 04: The Lifecycle of Data

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What’s the lifecycle of data?

In this episode, hosts Patricia Kim and Bethany Wiggin explore the liveliness of government data—its lifecycle from birth through its death, or afterlives. Listen to librarians and government data experts Jefferson Bailey, Abbie Grotke, Jim A. Jacobs, and James R. Jacobs as they discuss the challenges associated with preserving, web archiving, and stewarding government data and digital assets for present and future communities across the nation and the globe.

To learn more about government data, visit www.freegovinfo.org and www.pegiproject.org.


Image: Naomi Waltham-Smith (2017)

Jefferson Bailey is the Director of Web Archiving & Data Services at the Internet Archive. Tweet Jefferson @jefferson_bail.

Abbie Grotke is the Web Archiving Team Leader at the Library of Congress.

Jim (James) A. Jacobs is the Data Services Librarian emeritus at UCSD.

James R. Jacobs is US Government Information Librarian at Stanford University. Tweet James @freegovinfo.

This episode was written by Patricia E. Kim and produced by Aaron Shapiro.


“Dreamy” by J Dilla (intro)

“BREAKDANCE LESSON N.1” by Kaytranada

"Swung from the Gutters" by Tortoise

"Smell Memory" by Múm

"Leave House" by Caribou

"vibrationz" by Javelin

"An Eagle in your Mind" by Boards of Canada

"Hambro" by J Dilla

"Dance of the Obscure" by Kabanjak

“Heat in the Streets” by Tommy Guerrero (outtro)


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