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Data Refuge is a community-driven, collaborative project to preserve public climate and environmental data. When we document the many ways diverse communities use data, we can also advocate for future data. We want to hear your data stories! 

This September, we launched a national climate storytelling campaign. It challenges the idea that you need a lab coat to collect climate data. Your field site can be your own backyard. Individual, lived experiences of climate change provide valuable companions to the quantifiable science as we continue to struggle to comprehend and take action on the climate crisis. We’re calling our campaign, #MyClimateStory, and we want to hear yours.

Contribute your climate story and watch this 90 second video for inspiration!


Listen to the Data Remediations podcast and read the blog about the ways data connects people and places through stories and art.


Download the data storytelling toolkit and host your own public engagement event.


Contribute your Climate Story to our public, collaborative storybank and learn about data stories.


Browse the Data Catalog, which consists of environmental and climate data from different federal and governmental sties.